seasoned investors

Seasoned investor?
So are we! 

Whether you have been advised to make a portfolio adjustment or are on the search for a new opportunity, consider us your like-minded partners who love thinking creatively and helping our clients build wealth.

We look forward to connecting with you to perfect your portfolio. In the meantime, here is an overview of our Seasoned Investor services:

1031 exchange resources

Planning on selling an investment property and replacing it with another? We are well-versed in 1031 Exchanges, can connect you with a facilitator, and understand the timelines and parameters involved.

rent opportunity analysis

Wondering if the rent you are getting is what the market will bear? We have our finger on the pulse of the rental market in King and Snohomish Counties and can provide you with our analysis. Looking to maximize income for your property? We are out-of-the-box thinkers and can provide you with improvement suggestions.

highest and best use analysis

Own a single-family residence rental that has just been upzoned and you aren’t sure how best to move forward? Own a property that has the potential to add an accessory dwelling unit? Not sure if you should do a long-term or short-term rental? We would be happy to share our thoughts and ideas.

opportunity list

Not ready to make a move until the right opportunity presents itself? We can work with you to define your needs list and we will be on the lookout for opportunities that check those boxes.

private investor connection

If the right opportunity requires a creative cash solution, we can make a referral to private investors.

We love working with investors. It is a very creative and problem-solving process. Reach out if you need creative investment strategists in your corner!

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